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What are the Akashic records

A couple of years ago I started with a process of radical change in my life, I began to see things differently and to ask myself about the social schemes in which I lived. This resulted in seeking answers in different psychological and spiritual tools. Everything served but one in special, gave me the answers I needed and just like magic the tool came up for me, and now is a part of my service portfolio. My therapist, who is a very spiritual person (but very respectful when you are not, such as my case), treated me in a conventional way for 6 years, however when she began to notice that I was starting to have "inexplicable" experiences, she ventured to propose to explore other methods and told me about the Akashic records, chakra alignment, and family constellations. If you want to read my full story and some changes that my clients have experienced, click here

Akashic records are the universal library where the history of all souls is recorded, the universe, in quantum physics recognizes 10 dimensions where all energy moves, the physical plane in which we move is the 3rd dimension and from from 4th to 10th the density is lower and they are enmeshed. The 5th dimension is where the Akashic records are located, since there is no time or space, there is no past or future and all the possible results of the choices that you may or may not take, are stored in that dimension. It is important to know that the intention is what governs the Akashic records and that nothing interferes with the free will of the people, so we can access the information only with the express consent of the Soul in question. The information we obtain is the Blueprint of the Soul and we compare it to what we have now, so we align the Soul to its original state through the awareness of the decision patterns. Everything we experience in this incarnation is governed by the choices we make, karma is the negative or positive consequence of choices aligned or misaligned to our own soul, therefore, something that is positive for me, can be extremely negative for someone else.

What is the use of knowing this information and how does the process work? + Knowing the origin and natural information of our Soul will help us understand ourselves and know what new choices are aligned and will create abundance (health, happiness, relationships and money) + By knowing our negative karmic patterns (misaligned choices to our Soul) we can change the course and correct the choices we have already made. + We will know where the negative karmic patterns originated (past life or at what age of this life) and clean them to prevent them from returning. + We take responsibility for our own existence by raising personal and collective consciousness. The process is very simple, to create a session I need your name, date and place of birth, as well as the express consent that I can access the information of your soul. It is important to know that if your soul is not ready you cannot continue with the session and that the information that is obtained is what your soul is ready to solve, so nothing will be much more than you can handle. The profile of your soul is made and then a virtual session of 1.5hrs is carried out to explain the results and you are guided on the new choices that you want to make. The first session that is done with any new client is that of Soul Realignment, however, we have other services that may be of your interest.

+ Life lessons session: You will know which are the primary and secondary lessons, in what aspects of your life and how they are being presented to you + Chakras Imbalances Session: We evaluate the 8 chakras in the emotional, mental and physical plane to know how to balance them and improve your health, relationships and money. + Relationship reading session: Discover the lesson between 2 souls and how this serves to your divine self-expression to clean up the karma and blocks that may arise. + Life Situation Session: We find the specific blockages and energies of what does not allow you to advance in different aspects of your life. (For this session it is necessary to perform the basic alignment first)

+ Property clearing: The energies of the property are valued and a realignment this will help to support the applicant's cleaning process or if it is a property that will be sold or rented, it will help attract aligned customers.

All services are done in Spanish or English. And we have payment by Paypal and electronic transfer to Mexican banks. Here I leave my credentials and the certification I currently have. Always seeking elevation of consciousness and with the intention that everything be for your greatest good, I would like to meet you when it's your time. +52 1 22 21 36 54 59

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