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My personal story with Akashic Records reading

Actualizado: 20 de ene de 2020

As I wrote in a previous post I've been for a few years now (I started back in 2012 ...) looking for answers, like many, a painful process, a very hard loss made me rethink my life. At that time I worked as a specialist in quality issues of the automotive industry for a long time, I was very good at what I did, I liked it, but the personal part required a lot of work. I had forgotten that I was also human and that having feelings was fine, that the world is more than just science and that the energies around me exist and are palpated even if you don´t see them. I did not understand that everything that happened "to" me, including this great loss, was a consequence of my own decisions but especially of my own actions. Now I believe it, because I lived it in my own flesh, that everything has a reason, that everything is perfect and that the universe works in a way that everything you must learn comes in to your life. However, contrary to what many think, suffering should not be the common denominator to wake up.

What is common is that suffering, or pain is usually what makes us move ... Sometimes until we lose something we love with heart and Soul, we don't open our eyes, we don't want to see and we are comfortable in our chair ... Well, my path with the AkRs began last year, my therapist (who is now also my client) had the sensibility of identifying my spiritual awakening, that it was opening me to unknown channels and that also It was happening abruptly, it was as if suddenly I had removed the cap of the tub and all the stagnant water began to flow and drain! I began to have "strange" dreams with golden spirals flipping in my chest, I dreamed that I rebuilt organs of friends who were sick, I made a circle with others to heal those I loved, I began to have lucid dreams and to visit places that I didn´t know (and that later I discovered they really exist), I began to feel the toroid energy waves in my body and how is connected with others, I felt waves and the centers of my spinning chakras ... I could continue with other "symptoms" that I lived ... I could not explain what was happening to me, it was not something I remembered from before (although later my mother told me that it was something natural that I had as a child but after a trauma I decided to block it). Seeing my therapist everything that happened, she sent me to a session with one of her colleagues who read Akashic records, and it was the most shocking session, the girl had no idea who I was, she had never seen me before, we didn't knew each other on social media and during the session I hardly spoke, she told me so many personal, intimate things (that nobody knew, not even my therapist and there was no way she could known) that changed my way of thinking and feeling , I left there with the free Soul, lighter and with the energy to the fullest. After that session my world that was already hanging by a thread, completely collapsed, everything that was known and safe for me, fell and began to rebuild a new one, a free one, a more real and sincere one, I returned to myself and I felt for the first time that I had come home, that the most important love was mine and the inexplicable guilt with which I was carrying was dissipating ...

I struggled for months to continue the life I knew, I struggled to maintain the social status that was accepted by everyone, I struggled to return to the "normal" before, I put all my effort to return to where I was ... but not anymore my soul had woken up and I had no plans to go back to sleep. So, one day talking with a friend I was telling her that I didn't know what my next step was, that I wanted to study something, but that I was still not sure what it was, then I declared: "the right thing for me will show up"... after 3 days reviewing my social media I found an advertisement to join a 2hrs Akashic records webinar with Andrrea Hess, I didn't hesitated and signed up inmediately... When the webinar was over my brain was spinning and everything in me said that I had to be part of this, so I gathered what was necessary and started with my certification, I liked it so much and the process was so interesting that I devoured the materials, I needed to learn and wanted to make all my friends and family readings; each lesson opened my eyes a little more and again everything began to change...

My sleep patterns improved, the health and vitality in the body returned, I lost weight, I took those decisions that I was postponing for so long, a work proposal came up, but above all, I became RESPONSIBLE for my own decisions, I understood that nothing happens without my permission, that everything "bad" that "had" happened to me, had been because I had decided so, I stopped victimizing myself and I took the reins of my own life ... I started asking 7 friends who trusted me to enter their Soul, everyone told me yes right away and so I started practicing ... however, being scientific and skeptical by nature, the 5 practice clients I needed for certification, where not enough, so I ended up making 15 profiles with people I didn't know, they were just a name on a paper and my brain (my ego) felt satisfied.

+ I found data that there was no way of knowing, ages of traumas (such as the death of a mother) that had left traces of pain in one of my clients, causing behavior patterns that after 15 years continued to block their abundance. + A father now knows his children in their purest nature and we were able to clear the karma with which they were born as well as some souls that did not belong to their current incarnations. + Changes in the daily routine of a girl who did not pay attention to the health of her body and that knowing the origin of her soul made her understand her bad mood and how she perceives the world around her. + A mother who adopted her daughter was able to understand her on a deeper level than the skin and now she understands their connection despite not being genetically the same, but in Soul they have been so close together ... And so I have my own stories and others that make me understand that this is only the beginning ...

I hope from my Soul that this post will help you find your way just as I did and if this is something for you, I'll meet you when your time is right, and your Soul is ready to leave behind so you can fly high! +52 1 22 21 36 54 59

Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself. Not whom I want you to be, but to who you are. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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